7 Simple Hacks to Health and Wellness

Maintaining a healthy diet is not that difficult. Take tiny steps and start small.

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Our body is like a car, and we are the driver in the seat. The car has to be filled with quality fuel and given occasional rest.

Consuming nutritious and balanced meals can boost our immune system, while putting food additives into our body or having imbalanced diet habits over a prolonged period will cause several health issues as we get older. By then, it will be too late to start eating healthier, and we may end up having to rely on medication on a regular basis.

1. Look out for all types of sugar

First thing to do is cut down on all sugary drinks (especially bubble teas and most canned drinks). The recommended daily sugar intake is 45g and a cup of bubble tea can range from 40g to 100g of sugar, while a nut bar can range from 5g to 15g. Consuming sugar more than recommended can lead to various health issues like high blood pressure and diabetes.

2. Eat a lot more greens and fruits

Many of our health problems stem from our daily food intake. Especially in Singapore, we can get access to hawker food easily at an affordable price. Most hawker meals do not provide adequate portions of vegetables, unless you order mixed rice or Yong Tau Foo with mostly greens. A regular plate of chicken rice or bowl of noodles normally comes with only a few slices of cucumbers or greens.

3. Avoid all processed food, fast food and food with artificial flavourings, preservatives, colorings and any other food additives

Processed food/ snacks are food that you cannot tell what they are made from, for example most fast food or hotdogs. They have been processed in factories and added with various preservatives, coloring or additives to make them more tasty and appealing. It is also a good habit to pay attention to the ingredient list on packaged food. If you find an ingredient name that consists of the letter “E” followed by a series of numbers, that is a food additive which could be food coloring, a preservative or a flavour enhancer. Although these additives are approved by health regulators, it is advisable not to consume them on a regular basis.

4. Consume less carbs and choose healthier options

This will be challenging if you are living in Singapore or the South East Asia region. Carbs are found in most of our meals and are our body’s main source of energy, but taking too much will cause the excess to turn into fats, which leads to weight gain and increased chance of other health issues. Unless you are active at gym, sports, or have a job that requires physical strength, you do not need much carbs while working in office bound jobs or living a sedentary lifestyle.

5. Sleeping on time

While in school or in early career years, we may have the urge to stay up late to get work done especially during crunch time. Often we get burnt out and cannot perform well the next day and may take a few days or a weekend to recover. Having irregular dinners or suppers close to our sleeping time are also common bad habits. Our body slows down its functions before sleep, thus food digestion is disrupted, resulting in weight gain.

6. Balancing “cheat” days

No one is perfect. It is okay to have days when you want to wind down and enjoy the food or drinks you love the most. For me, once every fortnight or month (depending on the occasion) I allow myself to indulge in anything I want for a single meal, like my favourite chicken rice.

7. Exercise

If you are able to do most of the above, you would not need to sign up for a gym membership or exercise vigorously to burn off the calories. Consider doing simple cardio exercise daily for 20–30 minutes like walking, doing simple workouts at home, playing games like RingFit or picking up a sport. Exercise helps to get your heart rate up, pumping more oxygen to your organs, reducing the chance of chronic diseases.

It takes a lifetime of good habits to maintain good health. Start early before your health starts to wane, because by then, reversing the issues will be way harder.

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