Maintaining a healthy diet is not that difficult. Take tiny steps and start small.

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A majority of our health problems stem from our diet habits. During the pandemic, working from home freed up more time for myself and also made me ponder about my health when my body started to show signs of fatigue. I took online courses and read up more about health and wellness, then applied these knowledge to the daily routines of my family. Everyone in my household benefitted and everyone looks healthier and better than ever.

How to increase your chances of securing an interview

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Over the past years, I have often spent time going through resumes looking for hidden talents.

One of the common problems I have noticed is that many applicants have cover letters that do not do them justice. Many applicants overlook the importance of a good cover letter email as this is the first thing a hiring manager will see in the mailbox before reading the resume.

I hope to share some tips from an employer’s perspective on how to draft an innovative cover letter which may increase your chances of securing an interview with your dream company.

Avoid using a template

The most common…

7 keys to keep your burning passion for games sustainable

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Video games have become more and more mainstream as a form of entertainment over the last decade. We have also seen the rise and fall of some of our fellow game developers.

This industry is unique by itself. It is not entirely dominated by listed game companies, and time after time, it has been proven that indie games can be successful and recognised. However, in order to stay in this gruelling industry, there are several essential qualities that one should possess.

I hope that this article can give some guidance to aspiring individuals who are passionate about this industry and…

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