Crafting an innovative cover letter

How to increase your chances of securing an interview

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Avoid using a template

The most common mistake is using a standard template, where the applicant sends the same cover letter content to every company.

Write an eye-catching subject header

Depending on the position that you are applying for, instead of using a conventional subject header like “Application for [Job Title]” or “[Job Title]”, think creatively and word it differently by borrowing the concept of a click bait, where the subject header attracts attention and encourages the reader to click on the email to find out more.

Understand the company really well

Make sure you do your homework by performing a thorough Google search about the company that you are applying for. Research into the company’s products or services and try to understand their vision.

Craft the content with the company in mind

When drafting the content of your cover letter, ask yourself this question first, “Why does this company have to hire you?”. Once you have this question answered, organise your email in the following manner.

Be clear of your intention

Do not phrase your application as a question, for example, “Is the position still open?”. You will sound doubtful of yourself, and the question is unlikely to get answered. You need to be confident when delivering your intentions in applying for the position.

Show your portfolio

Showcase all your best personal works to leave a good impression of yourself. It is preferable to send links to your portfolio instead of attachments especially if you are applying for art related jobs and sending art portfolios as attachments can be quite big.

  1. If you have participated in any Game jams or projects, you can show the games you have made to bring out your talent in production, game design, programming, art, sound, testing etc.
  2. If you have made your own games, you can send links to the platforms or websites. You can also send your own development blog if you have one.
  3. If you are a fresh graduate, the chances of you and your classmates sending similar portfolios is extremely high. Present something that you have been working on your own during your free time as this is a good indicator that you have been applying what you have learnt in college. If you do not have any, you should consider starting to build your own portfolio soon.

(Optional) Give an offer

Give an offer to go on a probation (or with lower pay) as an additional paragraph. This may sound radical, but this will further justify your confidence in the abilities mentioned in your content. This gives an additional reason for your prospective employer to consider you for a trial (assuming you pass the interview) and results in a win-win scenario.

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