What it takes to stay in the game industry

7 keys to keep your burning passion for games sustainable

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1. Burning passion for games

Regardless of what industry you are planning to go into, working without passion and not loving what you do everyday will be emotionally draining. It will be like being a body without a soul, mindlessly doing what you are tasked everyday just to receive a pay check at the end of every month.

2. Creativity

Our imagination has no boundaries and endless possibilities. The only limit is how much you can innovate and push beyond the limits. No matter what role you play in the team, there will always be areas that you can be creative and experiment with.

3. Communication

Internal and external communications play vital roles, especially during the development process.

4. Growth mindset

One of the toughest challenges is keeping up with the current trends. Today, game development is vastly different compared to 9 years ago when I had first started my game company. Anyone can learn to develop a game on an engine like Unity3D, GameMaker or RPG Maker online and publish their game on their desired platform.

5. Be multi-faceted

Once you are proficient and confident in your core competency, like programming, designing or drawing, keep levelling yourself up and adding complementing skills.

  • Learn fundamental programming if you are not a programmer
  • Read development diaries of other games to learn about their development process
  • Try out games of different genres, paying more attention to elements out of your core competency
  • Analyse games and ask yourself what you would have done differently
  • Check out game reviews sites/ videos and get different perspective on the games you have analysed
  • (Advanced) Participate in game jams when available

6. Have end goals in mind

Whether you are planning to work for a game company or starting your own, set clear end goals that you want to achieve and think about the legacy you want to leave behind. Write down the steps to reach your end goals and take baby steps every day.

7. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

This is the most important point of all. Keep a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly, having a balanced diet and maintaining consistent sleeping habits. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle at all costs. You need the energy in order to keep yourself productive and creative. Sometimes, good ideas come by while you are dreaming or taking a break.

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